Add New Tribe Rep

Add New Tribe Rep

Thank you for signing up to be a Tribe Rep! As a Tribe Rep, you are a Representative for your tribe and a point of contact for us in case we have a question regarding your tribe. In return for helping us keep track of tribes across the clusters, you'll get access to the Tribe Rep Discord channels, submit support tickets for your tribe, show up as a Rep in game, and more!

  • Tribe Owner should be the same across the cluster, normally the Tribe Owner is listed as the Primary Representative.
  • If you are not the Tribe Owner, we will contact the owner to approve you as the Rep.
  • An active Discord name is required to be a Tribe Rep. Right-click your name, View Profile, and copy the Name and digits listed - it should be something like Tiamo#7362.
  • All Reps MUST be in the ARKADE Discord.
  • You agree to use your in-game Character name as your Discord name, we will rename you as [Tribe] Character Name in Discord.
  • For tribes with 6+ people (for pve), a second Rep may be added.

Note: Tribe Owner should be Primary Rep

If this is not the case, fill out the form anyway, and have the Tribe Owner contact us in Discord with approval for you be Rep.
All Reps MUST be in the ARKADE Discord.

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