ARKADE PvE Survival Cluster

ARKADE PvE Survival Cluster

ARKADE's PvE Survival Cluster Season 3! Join this challenging, adrenaline-filled cluster!

PvE Survival

Survival Mods

Head to Steam for a list of our Mods on Survival (Hit Subscribe to All!): Mods on Steam (Most updated)

  1. Structures Plus [93 mb]
  2. Cake Fix [7 kb]
  3. HG Stacking Mod 1000-50 [78 mb]
  4. Dino Storage v2 [60 mb]
  5. ARKADE Extras [98 mb]
  6. Kraken's Better Dinos [540 mb]
  7. Additional Aberrant Dinos []
  8. Crazy's Crazy Potions [89 mb]
  9. WShop [3 mb]
  10. Arena Cooldown [2 mb]
  11. Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered []
  12. [QoL] Better Horde Mode [289 kb]
  13. (Extinction Maps only)
  14. Boss Configuration Manager
  15. Capitalism Currency
  16. Capitalism Player Trader
  17. ARKADE Bosses (Extinction)

Survival Rates


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