ARKADE PvE Legacy cluster is one of the largest clusters you'll ever see, including specialty maps, and of course all the official maps, some located in both North America and Europe. This experience is tailored specifically for people that have lives outside of the game, with our slightly boosted rates and quality of life mods.

PvE Legacy - 13 map Cluster (both NA and EU maps!)

  1. NA Ragnarok
  2. NA Valguero
  3. NA Aberration
  4. NA Island
  5. NA Center
  6. NA Extinction
  7. NA Scorched
  8. NA Crystal Isles
  9. NA Olympus
  10. NA Antartika
  11. EU Ragnarok
  12. EU Valguero
  13. EU Extinction

Legacy Mods

Head to Steam for a list of our Mods on Legacy (Hit Subscribe to All!): Mods on Steam

  1. Structures Plus
  2. Platforms Plus
  3. HG Stacking Mod 5000-90
  4. Dino Storage v2
  5. Death Helper
  6. Castles, Keeps, and Forts Medieval Architecture
  7. ecoTrees
  8. eco's Garden Decor
  9. eco's RP Decor
  10. eco's Tek Decor
  11. Tribute and Element Transfers
  12. Awesome Spyglass!
  13. Editable Server UI

PvE Legacy Rates