ARKADE PvE Evolved

ARKADE PvE Evolved

ARKADE's PvE Evolved Cluster is our newest cluster to the community, offering a slightly harder challenge than our Legacy cluster. We took the best suggestions and ideas from our community and created PvE "Evolved". This cluster currently offers 6 maps, but will soon offer the full official spectrum of maps and possibly more.

PvE Evolved - 6 map cluster

Evolved Mods

Head to Steam for a list of our Mods on Evolved (Hit Subscribe to All!): Mods on Steam

  1. Structures Plus
  2. Platforms Plus
  3. HG Stacking Mod 5000-90
  4. Dino Storage v2
  5. Death Helper
  6. Auction House
  7. Auction House Addon: Dino Preview
  8. Awesome Spyglass!
  9. eco's RP Decor
  10. eco's Tek Decor
  11. Editable Server UI

Evolved Rates