ARKADE Creative

ARKADE Creative

ARKADE Creative cluster focuses on our more creative players, enticing them to build the bases of their dreams. Each map has a different theme - such as Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Western, and more! This is a bit of a cluster experience, all depending on the players that join, YOU help us form your ideal Creative cluster! Due to the different mods/creatures on each map, player transfer only throughout this cluster.

Creative Cluster

  1. Crystal Isles Fantasy themed |
  2. Ragnarok Western themed |
  3. Sumero Sci-Fi themed |
  4. Fjordur Viking themed |

Creative Mods for all Maps

Head to Steam for a list of our Mods on Creative (Hit Subscribe to All!): Mods on Steam

  1. HG Stacking Mod 5000-90 [60 mb]
  2. MarniiMods: Hairstyles [317 MB]
  3. Structures Plus [94 MB]
  4. Dino Storage v2 [60 mb]
  5. WShop [5 mb]
  6. Death Inventory Keeper [11 mb]
  7. ARKADE Extras [98 mb]
  8. Additional Emotes [7 mb]
  9. ecoTrees [443 mb]
  10. eco Chibi Displays [275 mb]

Crystal Isles

  1. Crystal Isles Dino Addition [683 MB]
  2. eco's Garden Decor [431 MB]
  3. eco in Wonderland [434 MB]


  1. MarniiMods: Wildlife [1 GB]
  2. MarniiMods: Horses [170 MB]
  3. eco's Stable Structures [502 MB]
  4. eco's Organic Saddles - Equus [186 MB]


  1. eco's Vikings
  2. Castles, Keeps, and Forts Remastered [624 mb]


  1. CKF: Science Fiction [1 GB]
  2. HG Build [170 MB]
  3. eco's Tek Decor [257 MB]



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